10 Indoor plants you MUST HAVE for 2019!

Home Improvement

I am declaring it! These indoor plants are a must have in my house for 2019. Why? Because they are insanely handsome and decorative, and they also provide quiet benefits, like cleaning the air, providing oxygen, and creating a peaceful environment. The plants I chose for this list are (mostly) resilient and low maintenance. Those are great characteristics for a silent companion. Do you have any of this fabulous greenery in your life??

1.  Bamboo Palm- beautiful and adds a tropical look, plus does the work of ADDING MOISTURE to indoor air and REMOVING TOULENE (find out more here)

2.  Peperomia Obtusifolia- (baby rubber tree) emits HIGH OXYGEN CONTENT and FILTERS FORMALDEHYDE

3.  Peromia Argyreia

4.  Peperomia Caperata

5.  English Ivy- graceful foliage, and helps REDUCE MOLD (find out more here)  *This one can irritate skin, you should hang or place away from kids and pets...

6.  Gerbera Daisy-  absorbs carbon dioxide, good at REMOVING TRICLORETHELYNE and FILTERING out BENZENE.  *This one needs lots of light. 

7.  Dragon Tree- reduces benzene, formaldehyde, xylene and toluene. *This one is toxic for pets!  Do your research. (find out more here)

8.  Spider Plant- easy to care for and grows quickly.  REMOVES FORMALDEHYDE, XYLENE, and TOLUNE  *Non-toxic to cats & dogs. (find out more here)

9.  Snake Plant- low light tolerance, and ease of watering is how the snake plant made the list. Said to be great for bedrooms. REMOVES FORMALDEHYDE + BENZENE!  (find out more here)

10.   Oxalis Triangularis-  hearty, and durable, with a vivid purple leaf and called the "purple shamrock", the leaves are actually edible(in small quantities)...  (find out more info here)

All plants clean the air, but these plants in particular were chosen for being relatively safe around the family members, while also being hard to kill, and providing very high levels of air-quality-improvement.  For a great chart, Click Here: NASA Clean Air Study

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